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Racism: The Real Virus

With a seemingly concerning virus epidemic in China threatening international stability, where do we draw the line between reason and hysteria?

Photo credit: Medscape, 2020

What the Darkness Reveals

When an everyday convenience disappears, we realize even more how much we rely on it.

Photo credit: Lifectionary, 2018

The problem with bathroom passes

The recent introduction of restroom passes has led to much controversy around campus. Why are they required, and what other solutions exist to maintain student safety?

Photo credit: Nick Barron, 2018

Photo credit: The Nation, 2019


A thorough review of Foothill's new system of honors classes and the effects it may have on student health and ambition.





A moving poem about the human effects of gun violence.

Photo credit: The Huffington Post, 2015

One Flawed Decision, One Glaring Issue

As students finalize their schedules for the next school year, a key question remains for those inclined to study the liberal arts. What English course to take?

Photo credit: Alamy, 2019

What are we willing to compromise?

In the fast-paced, high-pressure society of today, where have our morals and values gone?

Photo credit: Adobe, 2019

It's the work of madmen!

After the San Bernardino mass shooting in 2015, Islamophobia has been on the rise. Or has it?

Photo credit: Adobe, 2019

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