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Behind the scenes of CLOWN CAR

by Lily Zheng (9)

“The play was impressively acted yet it was written confusingly. The plot was very simple and you knew what was going to happen as soon as it started.” -Aidan Wyrough (9)

On the evening of September 12, Drama Club opened Clown Car, a “whodunit” murder-mystery comedy written by Mark Aloysius Kenneally. This student-directed play was performed on six nights over the course of two weeks in the Foothill Multi-Purpose Room at 7:00 PM. According to most observers, turnout was always high in support of the hardworking cast.  


The student director, Georgia Ball (12) described her experience:  “Directing has been a challenge but also extremely rewarding. Getting to see the sketches and notes in my script come to life on stage is a seriously amazing experience. I am so proud of the cast and everyone who had worked to make this show happen.”Along with her co-director, Aidan Riechers (12), Ball spent hours ensuring that both on stage and behind the scenes, everything went smoothly.

The play centers around the murder of a clown named Bubbles. The audience receives the opportunity to witness two detectives, played by Audrey Im (12) and Claire McNerney (11), interview the suspected clowns who each have their own comedic quirks. In addition, a psychiatrist played by Chris Nakao (12) aids in their search for the culprit, working with the clowns to find out possible motives for the murder. 

The cast of Clown Car takes a bow after their feature fall performance.


Left to right: Alene Lautenschlager, Shaina Sur, Chris Nakao, Claire McNerney, Audrey Im, Joelle Haddad, Yusuf Ashraf, Lucy Sigman, Maya Allwardt 

One of the cast members, Maya Allwardt (12), who plays the actress, says, “The show is really funny. It’s a fun little show to end your day on a funny note.” Allwardt shares this perspective with the rest of the cast, who have clearly enjoyed preparing for this first play in a season of exciting productions yet to come. 

From a personal point of view, I definitely enjoyed the entire experience while I was there. My favorite character was Dahlia played by Shaina Sur (11). Dahlia is a clown that only communicates with body language and by honking an air horn she holds. Even without the ability to talk, Sur managed to convey just as much emotion and nuance in her acting as the rest of the cast. Indeed, through hard work and passion for acting, the Foothill Drama team in general truly gave their own impressive interpretation of this belly-laugh comedy.

The Foothill Drama team is eclectic and open to all people interested in theater and the performing arts. We put on several shows throughout the year, go see plays, and learn how to be better actors. To be more active in the community, you can join the Drama Club, which meets every Wednesday at lunch in D-4. You can also audition for the Spring Musical, sign-ups are in front of the Choir Room (D-1). For more information or general inquiries, contact Georgia Ball at

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