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Aspiring Author Annika Gangopadhyay and her New Book

by Justin Wang

Q: What inspired you to write this book and why?

         A: I wanted to create something I’d remember and take my ideas to the next level.  I realized this was an opportunity to do something I’m passionate about. The process of writing the book was also a memorable experience, and I’d definitely publish again. 


Q: Did you write these poems expecting to make a book, or did you decide to make a book out of prewritten poems?

         A: I knew I wanted to write a collection of poems on a particular theme when I started. However, it wasn’t until after I became more involved in the process that I decided publishing was something I wanted to do. It was also a great way to extend my ideas beyond what I’ve already worked with before. 


Q: Do you plan on writing more books? 

         A: Definitely. If I managed to find any spare time, I would enjoy concentrating on writing again. There are so many concepts and themes that inspire me every day, and writing about them is an experience I’d like to relive.

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